chromoplast: legend of the seeker - cara (cara)
tyro ([personal profile] chromoplast) wrote2012-07-18 05:55 pm

pretty things

I only just started playing this game. It's so....

Freaking good.

And beautiful. I wish I had picked it up at launch. The environments and animations remind me of WoW, a bit.

I also won a beta key for Guild Wars 2 this weekend. It was a 20GB client. Ouch. But it's all ready to go, if my PC can run it. 20-22nd are free play for me!

I'm also think about getting a Wii U. I'll try to look into it more, but my local gamestore's employee was telling me about it today, and now I feel like getting one. Plus it'll have a beautiful looking Zelda game.

...yeah, I have gaming on the mind recently.